CannonBall Run 2011 – Team Tankboy Takes The Third Place

It was gruelling hot as 200 cars headed north for the 2011 CannonBall Run. Among the Ferrari’s, GT40’s, Aston Martin’s and other exotic cars was Team Tankboy’s, ex-US Army Humvee.

There were some great themed teams, Magnum PI, Priscilla Queen of the Dessert with a giant shoe atop a bus, a Back to the Future DeLorean and even Shrek to name but a few.

Everyone was having fun, nice cars, plenty of hot babes, miles of winding countryside roads and great weather. What more could one ask for? OK, there could have been a wet T-Shirt competition but then I doubt our focus would have stayed on the road.

Out of 200 entrants, a total of fifteen speeding tickets got handed out and one car caught fire and burnt to a crisp. Not bad for a day of fuel induced excitement.

Team Tankboy consisted of Charles “Tankboy” Knight and Nick “Nuke” Scott from the reality series “Tankboy TV”, along with actor/comedian Aaron Beard.

“It was our first time competing in the event, so we weren’t 100% sure what we were up against. We didn’t have a lot of time to prepare, compared to seasoned contestants, but we had a plan, and we stuck to it.” said Tankboy. “And making third place was awesome!”

“If you think we were crazy on the rally, you should see us in our TV show.” said Nuke. “And that cute girl in the Impala, she can facebook me anytime”.

You can check out these mad boys of destruction, at

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Win Basketball Games By Unleashing Your True Potential

Over the past 2 decades studies to mimic Basketball Legend Michael Jordan’s ‘Natural Jumping Prowess’ has now become an Exact Science. However, marketing gurus and commission-greedy affiliates pollute the market with ineffective training programs.

The ability to do a really high vertical jump has always been one of the greatest advantages that few athletes truly enjoy in sports such as basketball, tennis, football and volleyball. Back in the day, how high one could jump was usually associated with the height of the athlete, which is only partially true. This is probably the main reason behind extremely tall athletes being favored in professional sports such as basketball, but this does not mean that shorter athletes do not stand a chance. Height will certainly affect how high you can reach, but it does not dictate how high your vertical explosion is.

This ability is innate in most athletes. Some discover it by accident, and are capable of astonishing feats, but aren’t really aware of how they do it. You could say this is natural talent. In others this ability lies dormant and needs to be ‘awakened’, and this is why we are here today.

A lot of athletes find themselves failing and giving up, and partly to blame in this is the media and false advertising. A lot of marketers and affiliates choose to promote products developed by coaches who simply aren’t experts, but are most profitable for them. Failure to deliver the results promised can lead to disheartenment on the part of dedicated athletes, thinking that they simply do not have what it takes. This ends here and now!

The guys at understand the dilemma from which far too many of the world’s devoted athletes now suffer, and have made it their mission-in-life to provide truthful, and scientifically proven methods to improve their overall competitiveness. It is of the utmost importance that athletes stay on top of their game, both physically and mentally. Wrongful marketing can not only harm the physical aspect of an athlete’s training, but can also have serious ramifications on morale, hampering an individual’s true potential, and destroying careers before they have had their chance to prove their worth!

This is why supports the men and women who have dedicated their lives to giving athletes a truly safe and effective chance to be competitive, absolutely no BS – backed by results and proven scientific methods!

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Fun Experiences Make Great Gifts

We know you love him but shopping for a man can be a complicated task. This Valentine’s Day you want to get him something that will really get him excited but he already has pretty much everything he needs. What special gift can you give to the man in your life that has everything? One company is answering that question for perplexed Valentine’s shoppers like you. Extreme Element is an online gift company that offers an excellent variety of gift experiences. And this month, they are offering some amazing January discounts of as much as 50 percent off the regular prices.

A day at the race track might be just the thing for the man who has everything. If you are thinking of giving a track day experience, Extreme Element has added even more options in the last two months. They also have many options if your guy would prefer an off road driving experience. Extreme Element also has many options for circuit driving and other driving options. Your man will have a chance to really indulge in his love of cars. It’s a guy thing. Men tend to love anything with speed and a big engine. You don’t have to understand why but if you show him that what he loves is important to you, he’ll be reminded about how lucky he is to be with you.

Besides driving experiences, Extreme Element offers many other kinds of gift packages as well. If the man in your life has always wanted to learn to ski, the Learn to Ski in a Day on Snow might be the perfect gift for him. With this package, he will spend the day at one of Extreme Elements three snow domes (all in the UK) and receive a full day of skiing tuition with a highly qualified professional instructor.

As a beginner, he probably doesn’t have ski gear. He doesn’t need to go out and buy it just because this package includes the ski equipment and clothing that he will need for the day. A parking permit is also included. If you also want to learn to ski, this package would be great for you as well. After learning to ski, the two of you can plan ski days or ski holidays together.

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MascotFrenzy Launched To Show Pride In Team Mascots

Mascots are so much more than 6-foot-tall animals bounding along the sidelines of your favorite team’s game.

They are symbols of team pride that are worshipped by true fans, whether they are cheering from the stands or from the couch.

A new website, MascotFrenzy, understands the importance that mascots play in fans’ lives. MascotFrenzy specializes in a wide variety of team-licensed indoor and outdoor Mascot decor that will provide fans of professional and college teams with unique and useful decorative household items.

From statues to stuffed animals and ornaments to wall hooks, fans of many of NCAA, MLB and NFL teams will cherish these subtle, yet constant reminders of team pride. Whether you are looking to augment your own collection of team paraphernalia or seeking the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for sports enthusiast, MascotFrenzy is your one-stop-shop for mascot products.

MascotFrenzy is the newest online store from the founders of UltimateSportsDecor.comand, which were founded by passionate sports fans intent on providing others with unique, licensed team spirit gear.

For more information about MascotFrenzy or for a full list of available products, please visit or call 1-847-946-4608.

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