Offers In Depth Information And Reviews For Consumers

An innovative fitness information website,, is quickly becoming a leader with individuals looking for reliable information about workout bikes of all kinds. The site is a departure from more traditional review sites because it also offers articles on a variety of subjects pertaining to proper use of stationary and recumbent bikes and general fitness.

The editors and writers at are dedicated to providing information that will enable consumers to make the best possible decision when buying an exercise bike as well as choosing and using the appropriate workouts once a bike is purchased.

More Than Just Reviews

The senior editor explains, “We know there are many websites that post reviews of exercise bikes, but we weren’t finding the kind of information that most consumers really need. We couldn’t find detailed information on subjects like how to properly adjust your bike, what kinds of workout routines will work best for your personality, or clear definitions of the various types of equipment available, including recumbent, stationary and commercial models. We realized that many sites post reviews that assume all consumers are knowledgeable about these topics. Unfortunately, this left many consumers in the dark, so we decided to provide that missing information. Our site offers detailed information that will help everyone from novices to pros select the right exercise bike and use it properly.”

A constantly changing market is another hurdle that the website crosses by adding new reviews and articles each week. Many review websites have outdated or inaccurate information on a number of bike makes and models because the sites aren’t updated regularly. At, new reviews are added each week and fresh articles are added to keep the content current. If models are discontinued or reconfigured, the corresponding articles are either updated or removed to avoid confusion.

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