Army Duo Book Place in Matchplay Championship Grand Final in Dubai

Captain John Donaldson and Captain Jon Sheard will compete in Matchplay Championship Grand Final at The Els Club, Dubai.

In glorious weather conditions on the 6th April, the army duo of Captain John Donaldson and Captain Jon Sheard who are based in Aldershot, have advanced to the Matchplay Championship Grand Final being held in Dubai next month, after scoring 43 stableford points in the hotly contested Men’s Pairs event at the South Regional Final hosted by Marriott St.Pierre in South Wales. Beating off thousands of other competitors from across the UK & Ireland, the pair has won the right to compete in the concluding event of the UK’s largest amateur golf tournament, the Matchplay Championship.

Having reached the final stage of their very own ‘Race to Dubai,’ the pair will be flown out to the Emirate, where they will enjoy 7 nights of luxury accommodation at the Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel and 3 days competition at the world-renowned Els Club. Filmed exclusively by Sky Sports cameras, the pair will have the chance to shine in front of a TV audience usually reserved for the world’s best players.

“Our Matchplay Championship experience has been fantastic from the very first round. The Regional Final, with photographers and the Sky Sports cameras was amazing and we’re thrilled to have qualified for the Grand Final in Dubai,” commented Captain Donaldson. “Every pair has won 5 matches to get to this stage, so we knew we would have to play well to get through, but we’re really looking forward to the opportunity of bringing the Matchplay Championship trophy back for the Army. I’m sure we’ll be able to get the time off for the Final!”

“It’s been a great day here at Marriott St.Pierre and we have seen some tremendous golf from the players involved,” commented John Woosey, Managing Director of the JRW Group, which organises the Matchplay Championship. “Playing in front of the Sky Sports cameras is a great experience with John and Jon certainly rising to the occasion. We’re excited about seeing them compete in the Grand Final, as they’ve proved today that they have what it takes to win it.”

With the North and South Regional’s now complete, 36 golfers have booked their place in the Grand Final, being hosted at the world-renowned Els Club, Dubai, from 7th-14th May. However entries for the 2011/2012 Matchplay Championship are now open, including a brand-new Men’s Singles event. For further information please visit

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Stat Based Fantasy Sports Finally Enters the MMA World

Finally, MMA fans can experience what fantasy NFL fans have been experiencing for years with a groundbreaking stat based fantasy game. Unlike other MMA pick em’ games, MMA Xtreme Fantasy offers the ability to choose a team of fighters for one event, which will represent different statisitical categories and have them compete in a league for large cash prizes.

Up until now, there have only been variations of fantasy MMA games where you can pick a winner and how they win. By definition though, true fantasy games that are played for cash prizes can only be based on statistical results and not by actual outcomes. MMA Xtreme Fantasy is the first fantasy MMA site to offer such leagues.

There are two main reasons why a true fantasy MMA game took so long to develop. The first one was simply stats. Until recently, there have been no official stats taken for MMA fights. However, with there being official stats for high profile fights now, the capability of true fantasy leagues is a reality.

The second reason was how different MMA is compared to most other sports that fantasy leagues are played in. Most sports have a large pool of players to choose from and a consistent season. What Xtreme Fantasy has done was use the basic principles of how traditional fantasy sports have been played and flipped the concepts in order to maintain the traditional style of fantasy play, but fit it into the sport of MMA.

Instead of drafting a fighter for a certain position, team owners are drafting them for a certain statistical category. This is why MMA Xtreme Fantasy can offer 10+ teams per league with only a small group of fighters to choose from. Each league also only runs for one event, cutting down the commitment time and other issues that arise from not having a set season.

Owner, Mike Sixel believes this is what the sport needs to take it to, yet another level. “Even being a huge fight fan myself”, explained Sixel, “There are always at least one or two fights that are either boring or I simply don’t know the fighters. I didn’t have any investment in those fights, but now people will have that investment and excitement because of the true fantasy MMA experience.”

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