SportsMark selects WinMagic Encryption technology to protect critical data at London 2012 Olympic Games

WinMagic Inc., the global innovator in disk encryption, today announced SportsMark has chosen WinMagic’s SecureDoc data security and encryption software to protect sensitive corporate hospitality program data for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Of the many events SportsMark will be involved in this year, including Super Bowl, The Masters, and the America’s Cup World Series, the London 2012 Olympic Games will be a pinnacle event. SportsMark has been preparing for this momentous event for over four years, working side by side with its clients to create unparalleled guest experiences and optimize their brand building and sales objectives. SportsMark’s clients will host more than 45,000 guests throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games, working with a staff of over 1,000 and managing tens of thousands of Olympic event tickets on behalf of their 15 clients.

“We’ve been working with SportsMark for quite some time and we’re very pleased that they selected SecureDoc as their data encryption solution to protect the personal information of all the guests they’ll be hosting during the London 2012 Olympic Games,” said Mark Hickman, worldwide vice-president of sales at WinMagic Inc. “As an existing customer, SportsMark recognized the ease of use and flexibility of SecureDoc and we were more than happy to help ensure this continued for a project of this importance and profile.”

SportsMark’s information services team determined that they required a rapid OS and encryption deployment ready for a highly mobile and diverse workforce to securing log in onto any of their laptops at any of the locations.

“WinMagic SecureDoc was clearly the answer to our requirements,” said Scott Shuemake, systems engineer at SportsMark. “We needed an encryption solution that we could quickly and easily implement, manage centrally and provide all temporary staff with access to all the devices, so we had the flexibility to move staff around the hospitality venues across London, sometimes at short notice.”

SportsMark Group has contracted 1000 temporary hospitality event staff to work for the duration of Olympic and Paralympic Games in more than 15 pop-up offices around central London. These staff will be supplied with rented laptops that require the hard drive to be fully encrypted.

The technical solution consisted of 300 temporary licenses of WinMagic SecureDoc and SecureDoc Enterprise Server to install the SecureDoc packages and provide recovery. SportsMark also utilized WinMagic consultancy services to ensure the smoothest and quickest deployment in the fastest possible timeframe. At the end of the project, SportsMark will take advantage of SecureDoc’s Crypto erase feature to decommission the devices used for the event.

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There’s no need to be caught out without comprehensive cricket insurance, thanks to Insure4Sport’s Cricket Care

Cricket might be looked on as a genteel sport, which is played at a leisurely pace, but the risks which players and coaches expose themselves to could very easily bowl them a googly.

That’s why experienced sports insurance provider Insure4Sport has launched the first policy of its kind, Cricket Care, especially intended to give players, coaches and other team staff the reassurance of extensive cover for themselves and their equipment.

Cricket Care is powered by Insure4Sport, who bring into play their experience of negotiating top-quality cover for those who play, coach and teach a wide range of other sports.

Whether you’re a Sunday league player, are climbing the ladder of the sport with ambitions of making it to test level, or are involved behind the scenes with a club, you’ll appreciate that playing the game comes with certain risks.

Just ask former Nottinghamshire and England wicketkeeper Bruce French. Often acknowledged as one of the sport’s most accident-prone players, French was hit by an unbelievably unlucky sequence of events when on tour in Pakistan with England in 1987-88.

He was hit on the head by a ball thrown onto a practice field by a spectator, but then, on his way to hospital was hit by a car as he walked to casualty. After having stitches, he returned to the ground, only to then bang his head on a low light fitting.

“No one would ever suggest that any cricketer could be as unlucky as French,” said Andy Hagger at Insure4Sport, “but any injury can seriously mar your enjoyment of the game, and even possibly have repercussions which might affect your earnings.

“That’s why we set out to offer a range of dedicated cricket insurance policies. It means that, if the worst should happen, you can now rest assured that you, your team and your equipment need have no worries should an accident befall you.”

The cover offered has been specially designed to take account of the most common risks involved in cricket at any level, and can be available instantly when you buy a cricket insurance policy online.

So put yourself, your team-mates and your club in safe hands, and contact Cricket Care today. We’ll find the right policy for your needs, with no nasty spin guaranteed!

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