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Alaskan Creatives Kickstart An Adventure iBook Project

Fairbanks residents and designers, John Schauer and Adele Wiejaczka, have launched a project to include 49 Alaskan Adventurers in a published iBook. The iBook will feature Alaskans whose lives are shaped by the wildest places in North America. Through this interactive and media-rich iBook, you will meet travelers of the arctic wilderness. Among the 49 Alaskans to be featured in the book are distance mushers Paige Drobny and Cody Strathe, class V whitewater paddlers Paul Schauer and Tim Johnson, ultra-distance specialists Tyler Johnson and Luc Mehl, alpinists Clint Helander and Jason Stuckey, and skier/mountaineer sisters Krista Heeringa and Heidi Rader.

Launched on the Kickstarter platform, the 49 Faces of Alaskan Adventure is raising funds for it’s publication at Supporters of the project receive unique rewards, such as the GPS coordinates to the “Great Alaskan River Party,” a dinner and adventure in Northern Alaska, a copy of the finished iBook, and much more.

Wiejaczka and Schauer, both Alaskan adventurers themselves, love wilderness travel and stories from the Alaskan backcountry. Wiejaczka owns her own graphic design business, Live Large Design ( Schauer works as a communications and professional development consultant and owns his own interactive media business, Think Far Beyond (

Get involved with this creative endeavor by October 2nd to be in the running for your own Alaskan adventure.

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Edge Ahead In The Popularity Ranks With An Extreme Father’s Day Gift

It doesn’t feel like so long ago that we were thinking about what to buy our mums for Mother’s Day. Before we know it, it’s our dads’ turn with Father’s Day.

It’s a well-known fact that parents are very difficult to buy for. They say they’re happy with nothing more than a card, but you know deep down that if you gave them something more they would certainly appreciate it.

But before you rush out to buy a few crates of beer or a DVD, think again. How about buying your dad something he will truly appreciate? Something thoughtful and memorable? By logging on to the Extreme Element website, you can browse a huge range of activities and experience days, which might just be the solution to your Father’s Day present problems.

Think of something that your dad has always wanted to do, or a passion he would like to explore a bit more. If he’s interested in cars, extreme sports, fishing or just trying new things, then have a quick look at the Extreme Element website and find something that suits him.

For a taste of what to expect, here are a few of the activities available: Ariel Atom Thrill, Brighton Downs Activity Day, Segway Safari, indoor skydiving, sphereing, Porsche driving, Ferrari racing, helicopter lessons, and so much more.

But don’t let Father’s Day be the only time you check out Extreme Element. It’s a perfect service for those looking to arrange stag or hen dos, birthday surprises, graduation presents, and much more besides.

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Father’s Day treats for Dad

When it comes to choosing a Father’s Day gift, many find themselves heading to the nearest supermarket for a last-minute card, or perhaps a bottle of their Dad’s favourite drink. It can’t be that exciting opening the same pack of chamois leathers each year, and many dads across the country have enough pairs of slippers to wear a different pair each day of the week.

Break from the ordinary! When it comes to gifts, experiences can very often exceed material offerings and that’s why 2011 could be a good time for sons and daughters to share some unforgettable moments with their fathers. Extreme sports provider Extreme Element has a range of experiences ideally focused for this year’s Father’s Day. Climbing the scale from the mildest of leisure activities, through to hair-raising deeds, Extreme Element’s ideas for Father’s Day include:

Chilled Out: Some dads have a slightly sensitive disposition so that’s why Extreme offer a range of tamer experiences which include falconry, yachting and balloon flights available in ten UK locations.

Comfort Zone: Activities including an introduction to wakeboarding or a surfing and yoga course take things up a peg or two whilst keeping a relaxed vibe.

Heart Racing: For slightly bigger thrill-seekers, Extreme also offers courses such as zorbing, car racing and tank driving.

Adrenaline pumping: Getting the adrenaline pumping through the veins is idea when going bungee jumping, shark diving or a taking part in a Ferrari challenge. Strictly for offspring who feel taking on a ‘fight or flight’ situation this Father’s Day.

Most extreme: Challenge those dads with the strongest disposition; those signing up for a tandem skydive, day of Monster Car Crush or an aerobatic flight will need a strong drink immediately after!

Those taking the chance to do something different this year will have some great memories…photographs, on the other hand, might be tougher to arrange. Maybe mums can take them from the side!

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Top Picks from Extreme Element

Towards the end of last year, Extreme Element decided to help out those looking to buy extreme experiences as Christmas presents by publishing a list of the experiences that had been top-rated by their customers. While Christmas is now a distant memory, the experiences on that list are still just as relevant and exciting, and Extreme Element continues to offer them into 2011. Among the experiences listed are several with special offers attached. Some of the best are:

-Bungee jumping. Bungee jumping is an ever-popular extreme sport that is hard to beat for sheer adrenaline charged excitement. Extreme Element offer both tandem and solo bungee jumping, at a number of fantastic locations including next to Tower Bridge in London and the highest bungee jumps in Britain at Salford and Maidenhead.

-Indoor skydiving. Indoor skydiving uses a powerful air tunnel to simulate the conditions of a traditional outdoor skydive. Participants get a realistic experience during which they’ll ‘fall’ two miles, using technology designed to test formula 1 cars.

-Quad biking. Quad biking is a fun, accessible way to get into off-roading. Quad bikes can tackle nearly any type of terrain, so you can expect to travel through streams, up hills and across woodland.

-Zapcat rides. Zapcats are high powered speedboats which offer a fun and exciting extreme sports experience. Zapcats’ twin hulled construction and large outboard motor mean they’re capable of high speeds and tight turns that produce plenty of G force.

-Stock car championship racing day. This driving experience is one of the most popular of the many driving experiences that Extreme Element offer. The experience lasts a whole day and takes in several different challenges in different types of car.

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CannonBall Run 2011 – Team Tankboy Takes The Third Place

It was gruelling hot as 200 cars headed north for the 2011 CannonBall Run. Among the Ferrari’s, GT40’s, Aston Martin’s and other exotic cars was Team Tankboy’s, ex-US Army Humvee.

There were some great themed teams, Magnum PI, Priscilla Queen of the Dessert with a giant shoe atop a bus, a Back to the Future DeLorean and even Shrek to name but a few.

Everyone was having fun, nice cars, plenty of hot babes, miles of winding countryside roads and great weather. What more could one ask for? OK, there could have been a wet T-Shirt competition but then I doubt our focus would have stayed on the road.

Out of 200 entrants, a total of fifteen speeding tickets got handed out and one car caught fire and burnt to a crisp. Not bad for a day of fuel induced excitement.

Team Tankboy consisted of Charles “Tankboy” Knight and Nick “Nuke” Scott from the reality series “Tankboy TV”, along with actor/comedian Aaron Beard.

“It was our first time competing in the event, so we weren’t 100% sure what we were up against. We didn’t have a lot of time to prepare, compared to seasoned contestants, but we had a plan, and we stuck to it.” said Tankboy. “And making third place was awesome!”

“If you think we were crazy on the rally, you should see us in our TV show.” said Nuke. “And that cute girl in the Impala, she can facebook me anytime”.

You can check out these mad boys of destruction, at

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Fun Experiences Make Great Gifts

We know you love him but shopping for a man can be a complicated task. This Valentine’s Day you want to get him something that will really get him excited but he already has pretty much everything he needs. What special gift can you give to the man in your life that has everything? One company is answering that question for perplexed Valentine’s shoppers like you. Extreme Element is an online gift company that offers an excellent variety of gift experiences. And this month, they are offering some amazing January discounts of as much as 50 percent off the regular prices.

A day at the race track might be just the thing for the man who has everything. If you are thinking of giving a track day experience, Extreme Element has added even more options in the last two months. They also have many options if your guy would prefer an off road driving experience. Extreme Element also has many options for circuit driving and other driving options. Your man will have a chance to really indulge in his love of cars. It’s a guy thing. Men tend to love anything with speed and a big engine. You don’t have to understand why but if you show him that what he loves is important to you, he’ll be reminded about how lucky he is to be with you.

Besides driving experiences, Extreme Element offers many other kinds of gift packages as well. If the man in your life has always wanted to learn to ski, the Learn to Ski in a Day on Snow might be the perfect gift for him. With this package, he will spend the day at one of Extreme Elements three snow domes (all in the UK) and receive a full day of skiing tuition with a highly qualified professional instructor.

As a beginner, he probably doesn’t have ski gear. He doesn’t need to go out and buy it just because this package includes the ski equipment and clothing that he will need for the day. A parking permit is also included. If you also want to learn to ski, this package would be great for you as well. After learning to ski, the two of you can plan ski days or ski holidays together.

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Experiences To Look Forward To This Christmas

Christmas will be here soon, and many people are starting to wonder what they can buy for those friends and family they have yet to get gifts for. There are always fall-back options, such as DVDs or books, but many people want to get something more exciting. There are many things to consider too, such as cost, Christmas lists and future needs. If you want to get something different, that the people you’re giving to will appreciate forever, then think about getting them an experience gift. These are activity, which will allow people to fulfil long-held dreams or try something new, whether that’s a family day out or a day of adrenaline.

exelementimage.jpg (360×270)

The company has put together a list of the best Christmas gift buys on their website. This list includes activities that will match everyone’s needs and interests. For families, the archery day is a great gift, allowing 2 adults and 2 children to take part in a fun day and learn some target-shooting skills with a traditional bow and arrow. There are 4×4 driving days on offer for under-17s, who will not only get to have some valuable driving practice, but will also learn some fun off-road tricks and skills. There are many gifts aimed at couples or two friends. You could try the fun sport of zorbing, being harnessed into a ball together and rolled down a hill. Or perhaps a husky drawn sledge ride through the fields. Or go romantic, and head for the skies on a champagne-sunrise balloon flight.

About Extreme Element:
Extreme Element’s Christmas gift experiences are available on their website in the form of vouchers. If you need Christmas gift ideas, just log on and browse through the many options for some inspiration. You could book anything from a tandem skydive to a survival course and make this a memorable Christmas.

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Clamber Into A Crane And Jump The Capital’s Only Bungee Of The Year

It’s time to fire up the London crane again and prepare for another fantastic weekend of sun, scenery and adrenaline, as dates are announced for central London’s only bungee jumping event in 2010. It is fast upon us, taking place on the weekend beginning 24 September. A few spaces are left for this exclusive, unforgettable experience day organised by Extreme Element.

To whet your appetite, last year’s event had Tower Bridge buzzing with swarms of Extreme Element T-shirt wearers eagerly awaiting their turn to clamber into the crane and jump the capital city’s only bungee of the year. The weather was a perfect accomplice, with the sun shining beautifully all weekend and lighting up the stunning scenery and architecture, adding an unbeatable extra to the bungee jump experience. If you would like to be part of the event and watch the daring record attempt, you can check availability and book yourself on a single or a tandem jump. There are just under two weeks to go and only a few slots left, so hurry to get your piece of the action!

“We are very excited about the bungee jumping event. And this year, we are doubling our efforts by bringing a second crane to jump up to 600 people. This is just the first step for us – next year, we will be attempting to break the record for most people jumped in 24 hours, which is currently set at 502”, says Pipa Nogaro, MD at Extreme Element. The bungee takes place in Pottersfield Park, right next to Tower Bridge, and is open to the public from morning till late on 25 and 26 September this year. The bungee jump is part of the 2010 London Rat Race, the urban adventure challenge event that turns cities into high-adrenaline adventure playgrounds for teams to hike, bike, abseil, climb and kayak across the capital city. James Fields, operations manager of UK Bungee Club, is the fearless man challenged with breaking the current record of 19 jumps, set in South Africa in 2003. James said: “I spend my life jumping from cranes in my line of work with UK Bungee, so I am expecting to do around 23 to 25 in 60 minutes and break the record by at least 3 jumps”.

Extreme Element is the UK’s leading extreme sports specialist, offering more than 800 extreme sports courses and outdoor activity days across the UK and Spain. Whether you are after the perfect Christmas gift, an unforgettable experience with your mates, a corporate day out with a difference, or wanting to try a new sport, look no further. Why not participate in a tandem skydive or take some flying lessons? If you are into fast cars rather than hurling yourself off an edge with an elastic band attached to your ankles, why not drive a Ferrari for a day instead with the Supercar Hire option? You can even experience the thrill of the Silverstone circuit. Extreme Element has so many driving experience days to choose from, including some superb track day racing gifts!

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Exelement Plans An Action-Packed Summer For Kids

Exelement has a wide range of activities planned for children this summer. The company provides vouchers for a host of extreme sport activities, from abseiling to zorbing, with skydiving and jet skiing thrown in for good measure. Summer plans also include wakeboarding, archery lessons, high-ropes courses and mountain boarding, among others.

While skateboarding never grows old, why not try a more extreme version? Let your kids try mountain boarding. Introductory courses take participants through a safety briefing and then kit them out with everything, including the board, helmet and pads. Skills are practised on the junior slope, and before long they’ll be perfecting their toe turns, heel turns and learning how to carve down the hill. Those on the lookout for adventure can also choose the aerial high-ropes course. It’s a trip through trees incorporating more than 28 different elements and ending at the revolutionary new Powerfan for those bold enough to take ‘the plunge’. Adventurers are fitted with a full-body harness and helmet and then attached to a revolutionary safety system that permits progression from obstacle to obstacle without the need to detach from the safety line at any time.

There is a whole range of water sports as well. If your children love the water, give them a break from a regular dip in the pool – instead, sign up for scuba diving lessons. You can also choose a two-hour kayaking paddle ride on Beaulieu River, where qualified instructors teach children the basics of kayaking as they weave through the river and its creeks. Other options include jet skiing and wake boarding.

Paintball wars are especially popular, as is the ‘dad and lads’ programme. Children are accompanied by their fathers as they get to ride in a real tank and fire paintballs through the 40mm cannon. If children are about to start learning to drive, there’s a junior rally to take advantage of, or junior luxury car driving (think Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin). And, these are just the options on land. In addition, there are scuba diving lessons, introduction to kayaking, indoor skiing, indoor skydiving and snowboarding, and zorbing options. Vouchers for these activities make excellent birthday and Christmas gift ideas. For now, though, summer is the best time for adventures, so why not sign up to make sure your kids make the most of it.

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Ben Bostrom and Chris Clark Auction for Rett Syndrome a Success

Pat Clark Motorsports would like to thank all of the fans that placed bids on the gear of AMA American Superbike racers Chris Clark and Ben Bostrom to benefit Rett Syndrome that recently concluded on Ebay.

The special edition leathers and bodywork made their AMA race debut at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca round of the AMA series and saw Ben Bostrom and Pat Clark Motorsports score their first win in the American Superbike class.

The auction began immediately following the SPEED telecast of the race on Sunday evening July 25 and concluded with over 2500 views and 60 bids on the gear.

“The feedback we received from everyone has been nothing but positive and we are happy we could pull off this unique event. We wish the thank the Ben Bostrom and Chris Clark fans who placed their bids and helped us do our part to support a great charity and assist in finding a cure for Rett Syndrome”, said Team Manager Ron Heben.

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Kitesurfing: Going Beyond The Basics

You’ve launched your kite, got comfortable on your board and even got the timing for a proper heel-jibe turn sussed out. Now, you wonder, what’s next? Kitesurfing may be a relatively new sport, but it has enough depth and variety to keep your feet glued to the board and your hands strapped to the handle for a long time. Once you’ve mastered the basic skills of handling your kite, your body and your board, it’s time to get involved with the more interesting aspects of this fantastic sport.

Advanced kitesurfing is all about the various interactions between the three main elements of the sport: your body, the board and the kite (as well as the wind). Once you have mastered each of these areas separately, it’s time to take your skills to the next level by exploring how each element combines with the others and by learning new techniques that will open the way to new tricks and stunts or simply a greater sense of freedom.

Kitesurfing techniques: dealing with underpowered situations

Picture this: you have been enjoying a wonderful day’s kitesurfing and are currently a couple of miles from the coast – so you have plenty of space for your crazy stunts – when, suddenly, the wind drops. You have now been officially introduced to underpowered kitesurfing. A situation of underpowered kitesurfing is one when the wind drops to a level that makes it very hard (if not impossible) to sustain both speed and power on your kite. Without these two elements, you are out of traction; and, without traction, you are stuck.

If you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, there are several techniques you can apply to get to the shore as quickly as possible. Firstly, when you realise an underpowered situation is arising, try to get as much power as you can from your kite. There are several things you can do to achieve this: first, make sure you use only the fixed loop (rather than the chicken loop) until the wind picks up again; second, move the kite constantly to produce power and speed by using the figure-8 pattern or the sine-wave pattern; third, be mindful of the position of your body while you are surfing in an underpowered situation – bend your knees and shift your body near the mid-point of your board to reduce resistance and make the most of the little power you can gather.

Kitesurfing workshop with James Boulding

Practice makes perfect, but there is nothing like the advice of a true professional to take your skills to the next level. James Boulding is one of the top 20 kitesurfers in the world, and Exelement (a company known for setting up extreme experiences such as zorbing and bungee jumping) has invited him to give the first of a new series of kitesurfing workshops. This class is tailored to those riders who have mastered the basics and are looking to take their surfing to the next level. Come to Rye on 25th July and enjoy a kitesurfing course that will change the way you surf.

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Sights Set High for London Bungee Weekend

To cope with the insatiable demand from extreme sports enthusiasts, desperate to take the capital plunge, Extreme Element has roped in the services of two cranes this year for the Exclusive London Bungee Jump – allowing even more participants to combine the ultimate adrenaline-pumping experience with an unforgettable aerial view of the capital city.

Sights Set High for London Bungee Weekend  With a record-breaking 297 thrill seekers taking part in the 2009 London bungee event, Extreme Element, a leading UK extreme sports specialist, has announced its intention to match the double digits of 2010 with an extra crane this September. This means that there will be double the fun and double the thrills for the 2010 Exclusive London Bungee Jump, to be held on 25th and 26th September.

“Now that the summer is slowly creeping up on us and the sun is shining, it’s time to fire up the London crane again and prepare for another fantastic weekend of sun, scenery and shots of adrenaline as we announce the dates for London’s only bungee jump of 2010”, Extreme Element announced on its blog, pleased as punch with the prospect of 2010 being even bigger and better than 2009. Any potential participants were also encouraged to sign up early to avoid the disappointment of missing this one-off opportunity.

The event is now in its fourth year, and, apart from the chance to take part in a potentially record-breaking event, the bungee jump also provides the occasion to take the 160ft plunge amid spectacular views of historic central London near the Tower Bridge. Thanks to the massive turnout of adrenaline junkies in 2009, the event is a breath-taking experience that is fast becoming a fixture on the annual London calendar.

About Extreme Element: With a scope much broader than just bungee jumping, Extreme Element is a leader in providing extreme sport packages across the UK and also in Spain.

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Exelement Brings Back the Successful Mountain Boarding Day

Last year during the month of September, Exelement held the extremely popular Mountain Boarding Day. During a whole day, a throng of people from all ages gathered on the slopes of Redhill in Surrey to learn the ropes of mountain boarding and even compete in the numerous events held during the afternoon. The event also included a group BBQ (a crowd puller for certain, no one says no to good food!) and finished off with a prize ceremony that highlighted the best performances of the day (including the coveted King of the Slopes title.) Exelement is taking all the things that worked from last year’s event and plans to bring them back for a smashing Mountain Boarding Day 2010.

Coming Back for the 2010 Edition

The sun rises once again this year and with warmer days and enjoyable breezes Exelement has decided to bring back the successful Mountain Boarding Day. This new edition of the event will be held during July the 24th, about two months earlier than the one last year. Aficionados and impatient Exelement fans should be happy to know that the event that defined family-friendly mountain boarding action will be back and better than ever.

According to the company, the organizers have gone to great lengths to create a better rendition of last year’s event and are planning a number of surprises that will be the delight of newcomers and veterans alike. Once again, the Mountain Boarding Day welcomes both beginners and veterans of the mountain boarding arena to a day filled with competitions, training sessions and many more. Every participant is more than welcome to participate in the group training lessons carried out by mountain boarding professionals that will cater to each individual’s skill level. After a morning of practice everyone is treated to the fantastic BBQ where you can eat to your heart’s content; don’t eat too much, though, because the competitions start in the afternoon. And, to top off an amazing day, a show held by some of the most prominent mountain boarding figures in the UK will be held after the competitions. These pros will ride their boards to the limit and will show you the extreme tricks of the trade that put them at the top of their game.

If you wish to find more information about this or any other event held by Exelement (Extreme Element), you can check our their website at Tickets for the Mountain Boarding Day 2010 can be purchased through their website or by phone.

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Exelement Brings a Variety of Birthday Adventures

Birthday presents are so hard to choose, in particular for men. What can you give them? A tie? You can’t do that since ties are the expression of a man’s personality. Aftershave? How can you choose the best one from all the possible fragrances? A CD or DVD? The recipient probably has all the CDs for his favourite musician. Exelement knows how hard is to please a man and that is why the company is offering the one thing that never goes out of style: adrenaline, in the form of a thrilling gyrocopter flight taken right from a James Bond movie.

Taking to the Skies
Exelement has put together a very tempting package in the form of a small gyrocopter that is waiting for you to take command. This particular extreme experience has all participants hopping inside this strange vehicle… a helicopter that is also a plane. You are taken up by the overhead blades, which provide the upward lift, while a powerful fan on the back pushes you forward. This is a very unique chance to try these small vehicles which are one of the closest feelings to actually flying on your own: shielded from the winds by only a small frame and transparent glass, you can glide through the landscape and have the chance to take the controls yourself! Interested in Other Options?

While riding one of the mini-helicopters is fun enough, some people might be looking for something a bit more extreme. Exelement knows this, after all, the following package has been on their best-selling list for a long time. And what is this extreme experience? Well, bungee jumping of course. There is very little that can match the pure adrenaline rush that leaping from a 160 feet high platform can give you. It is just you, a giant (and very resistant) elastic band around your ankles and the air rushing past you. Making that leap of faith is what bungee jumping is all about, that and bouncing skywards with massive G force once you get to the furthest the cord’s extension will allow, of course. If you think you’ve seen it all, take up bungee jumping for one of the best activity days you can ever have.

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Raleigh Based Guide Service Climbs Into Asheville With Climbing Classes

Raleigh based rock climbing and ice climbing guide service and climbing school has expanded it’s climbing class offerings to climbers in Western NC by offering their Climb Outside Rock Climbing Class on September 26-27, 2009 at Looking Glass Rock NC.

These classes give people the knowledge, skills, and understanding they need to begin rock climbing outside. Asheville is an ideal location for these classes because of the volume of climbing areas, and the volume of people who desire to learn how to climb outdoors but aren’t sure where to get started. Students learn anchor building, rope management, knot tying, belaying, rappelling, rescue, and more. The class consists of 2 full day sessions, where the first day will be spent teaching the skills, and the second day will be spent putting the newly acquired skills into practice. The classes are open to all experience levels, and all equipment is provided. Details on the Asheville Climb Outside Rock Climbing Class can be found on the Climb Outside Rock Climbing Class Website.

“Taking this class taught me a lot and confirmed things I had already been in the process of learning. Even though I have much more to learn it allowed me to feel confident, to go with my partner, and climb outside at my current level,” expresses Chris Troisi, a Climb Outside Class participant.

Ascent Adventure Consultants is a Raleigh, NC based professional rock and ice climbing guiding and instruction provider, as well as a corporate team building and leadership development program provider. Climbing courses and team building programs are conducted locally, nationally and internationally.

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Making Dreams a Reality for Aspiring Climbers

Ascent Adventure Consultants is a Raleigh North Carolina based professional rock climbing and ice climbing guide service and climbing school.

They have designed climbing classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced climbers, in order to teach people what they need to know to accomplish their climbing goals, and to provide them with the tools and experience necessary to do so. Rock climbing often seems like an untouchable sport to many people, and it is with that in mind that Ascent Adventure Consultants has designed their classes. They wish to make climbing accessible to all who have interest in the sport. Their beginner classes include free monthly skills demos, as well as “Climb Outside” climbing classes. Intermediate classes include classes such as “Learn How to Trad Climb Weekend”. Advanced classes include classes such as “Alpine Climbing Experience.” They also offer rock climbing guide training programs for climbers who with to be guides

“Taking this class taught me alot and confirmed things I had already been in the process of learning. Even though I have much more to learn it allowed me to feel confident, to go with my partner, and climb outside at my current level.” expresses Chris Troisi, a Climb Outside Class participant.

Ascent Adventure Consultants offers classes year round, along with a full schedule of climbing trips available to the public. To view their complete schedule of classes, visit their Climbing Classes webpage (

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Learning to Rock Climb with Ascent Adventure Consultants

Raleigh NC based climbing guide company Ascent Adventure Consultants is rapidly becoming the preferred company in the Southeast to guide and instruct rock climbing courses for people who desire to learn the exhilarating sport.

Learning to Rock Climb

Started as a small local rock climbing guide service and team building company, Ascent Adventure Consultants has rapidly grown in popularity over the past year and half. They have become known as the go-to source to learn the sport of rock climbing, whether it is rock climbing technique or technical skills such as rope management and anchor building. By conducting surveys and client interviews, the resounding opinion is that Ascent Adventure Consultants provides the best climbing guiding service for several reasons: they care for each client and customize programs to match their personal goals, which makes Ascent more accessible and makes the company and guides easier to relate to because they do not carry themselves as some elite group of climbers but as people who love working and teaching others, they offer a variety of climbing programs to make sure that whether someone is a beginner or an experienced climber, there are programs that will help each individual grow and gain the knowledge and skill they need, and also they partner with community organizations to build value in the services they offer, such as with Triangle Rock Club, Morrisville NC based indoor rock climbing gym.

“Brandon is a true professional when it comes to guiding climbs. He’s an excellent teacher, and his problem solving ability is extraordinary. During the first hour of my first outdoor climb, I encountered an obstacle I didn’t think I could overcome,” expresses Katie, an Ascent Adventure Consultants Climbing client. “After twenty minutes of attempting to negotiate the obstacle, I shouted, ‘Brandon? I don’t think I can make it across this gap to scale that overhang the way you just did. How do we get down?’ He said, ‘We can’t get down from there. If you can’t do it that way, let me figure something else out.’ He drew from his experience and came up with a creative solution that kept me in the game. He continued to impress me throughout the trip with his patience, encouragement, and skill. I am definitely looking forward to my next climbing experience.”

For an interview, or to find out more information about the unique services Ascent Adventure Consultants provides, please contact Brandon Hensinger at or 877-254-4617. Also, visit the Ascent Adventure Consultants North Carolina Rock Climbing website to learn more.

Ascent Adventure Consultants is a Raleigh, NC based professional rock and ice climbing guiding and instruction provider, as well as a corporate team building and leadership development program provider. Climbing courses and team building programs are conducted locally, nationally and internationally.

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DragonFire Racing Team Took Top Finishing Positions At The Lucas Offroad Racing Series In Surprise Arizona Earlier This Month

DragonFire Racing, a leader in custom performance racing vehicles, accessories and custom racing performance parts, today announced that its team took top finishing positions at the Lucas Offroad Racing series in Surprise Arizona earlier this month. Saturday started with Jerry Welchel winning Unlimited 2, Todd Romano taking third in Unlimited UTV and Hans Waage taking first in Limited UTV on Sunday.

“It was some amazing racing and thanks go out to my staff and friends for making it all happen ,” said Todd Romano, spokesperson for DragonFire Racing. “We are in a great position to take three different point championships and are excited with the progress the team is making. The weekend would not have been a success without the help of our sponsors: Team Green Kawasaki, FOX Racing, ITP Wheels and Tires and Gear One.”

The Lucas Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) combines the traditions of midwest, short course off road racing with a West Coast influence. LOORRS brings intense side-by-side action on tracks that test the most seasoned racers. The 2009 LOORRS season features tracks in Lake Elsinore, Calif., Primm, Nev. And Surprise, Ariz.

Via EPR Automotive News will Webcast the 2008 One Lap of America Live will not only take part in 2008 One Lap of America, but will Webcast the event for nine days. Viewers will have the ability to watch, listen, and even “chat” online with the drivers during the event. There is no doubt that the Internet and Auto Racing are both growing quickly in 2008, this is why will produce a Live Webcast of the 2008 One Lap of America. is inviting the world to go along for the ride this year as a “virtual” passenger in a 505 horsepower, 2008 Corvette Z06 (CopMagnet II). Viewers will also be able to track the team with a live GPS feed.

Lead Driver – Mark Murnahan, Chairman,, Inc.
Mark has been on the leading edge of Internet technology for more than 12 years. Today, Mark leads, providing wholesale Internet as well as custom Website programming, search engine marketing, and Web consulting. is the biggest name in wholesale Internet services worldwide. Mark is also a passionate and experienced driver and high performance driving instructor. In 2007, Mark logged more than 10,000 track miles in his 2007 Corvette Z51 (CopMagnet I).

Mark Says: “This is a very exciting event for me. This is something that few people get to do, and I have taken this opportunity to show everybody what Cannonball One Lap of America is all about.”

Co-Driver – Steve Gerber, Captain, US Army
Steve is a senior Captain and commander of Bravo Company of the Warrior Transition Battalion, or WTB. WTB’s were set up at Army posts across the country as a response to inefficiencies that occurred at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital. Steve’s job in this unit is to manage, transition (back into the Army if they can, or into civilian life), and most importantly to inspire our soldiers who have been mentally and physically wounded in the war.

Steve says: “How often do you get to participate in a truly once in a lifetime event? What am I going to tell my grandchildren I did with this one life? This is too easy a choice … give me Competition over Comfort any day of the week.”

About the Car:
CopMagnet II – 2008 Corvette Z06 with 505 HP. Estimated top speed of 198mph. Named “CopMagnet II” because it is a Corvette covered in race stickers and it draws a great deal of attention, as well as being the second of two such cars belonging to, Inc.

How Can You Benefit From
1.) They will provide live or recorded interviews with the team during the race. Where time allows, they will make quick stops for interviews and to give the public a look at CopMagnet II. Those interested in viewing CopMagnet II may contact them so they may coordinate their travel.

2.) Place a link on your Website to the Live Webcast. These are available at During run testing, they are averaging more than 6 minutes per viewer on the Web stream. Those looking for “stickiness” on their Website … this is an opportunity.

3.) A live GPS tracker will show the position of CopMagnet II as it passes through your town (and all along the route). This GPS is Live, so you and your viewers, readers, and listeners can track them block by block.

Via EPR Network

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