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4M FUNCTION, LLC Announces the Launch of the Multi-Functional SURF-O-MAT (TM) Surf Pack

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, April 4, 2016 — /EPR NETWORK/ — 4M FUNCTION, LLC is excited to announce the launch of SURF-O-MAT TM. The patented design transforms the utility of a back pack, wetsuit change mat, beach towel, surfboard sling carry bag, and beach tent shade umbrella into a single multi-function product. It is simple to use, easy to clean and built to perform. The official launch date for the SURF-O-MAT is April 1, 2016.


4M FUNCTION, LLC believes the SURF-O-MAT is built for serious surf adventures or quick surf sessions. The four main components of the design combine form and function that no other surf specific product deliver in a single product.


Surf-O-Mat beach mat round shape has more surface area than a traditional beach towel for sitting or sunbathing at the beach. It uses a cushy waterproof EVA foam surface for that won’t collect sand and dries instantly. Multiple pockets provide a discreet way to stash sunglasses, wallet, cell phone, and surf wax while in the water. Standing on Surf-O-Mat makes changing into a wetsuit on a sandy beach, rocky trail, or asphalt parking lot clean and comfortable. After a surf session, pack away a soggy wetsuit to keep the car dry. Cleaning Surf-O-Mat is easy, just hose off and hang dry.

Surf-O-Mat backpack bag provides a flexible method for transporting gear to the beach including wetsuit, hats, sandals, swim fins, drink bottles, radios, etc. Surf-O-Mat’s fold pattern also expands to accommodate larger items that wouldn’t normally fit in a traditional backpack. A functional shoulder strap allows for personalization. Convert from messenger bag style to backpack harness or quick carry handle simply by changing the strap’s attachment points.

Surf-O-Mat surfboard sling provides a versatile way to carry surfboards. A comfortable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry the board to the beach, while the EVA foam surface protects from dings while in transit. Surf-O-Mat’s open ended design adapts to fit all board sizes including short boards, longboards, fishes, eggs, body boards, kite boards, SUP boards and paddles. Surf-O-Mat could also help carry firewood, food coolers, beach chairs, oversized gear or other hard to haul items.

Surf-O-Mat shade shelter provides a new way to deflect sun or rain. Surf-O-Mat’s materials are opaque, virtually eliminating harmful UV rays while its wing pocket design allows for easy adjustment to any sun angle. Lightweight tent poles deliver quick set-up and more stability than traditional beach umbrellas in windy conditions and waterproof construction allows for use in rain. Surf-O-Mat’s grommets and clips can be used in creative configurations to tie onto trees, truck beds, picnic tables, bicycles and more when shelter is needed.

4M FUNCTION, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of SURF-O-MAT.COM, an commerce web site supporting the sales, marketing and distribution of 4M FUNCTION, LLC products. The official launch date SURF-O-MAT.COM is April 1, 2016

SURF-O-MAT is currently being sold through an independent sales rep team based in Orange County, California. For wholesale inquiries please contact

COMPANY: 4M FUNCTION, LLC designs, manufactures, and distributes innovative action sports accessories advocating the modern design mantra that form follows function. 4M FUNCTION, LLC focuses on simple and efficient solutions for the core action sports market. The company maintains a spirit of versatility first in design, manufacturing, materials, packaging while environmentalism and corporate responsibility to community fuels expansion of a unique product line. Based in Orange County, California the company thrives on the spirit of the beach lifestyle and the of idea that less gear equals more fun.


Contact-Details: 4M Function, LLC
Jeff Samaripa
5841 Blueberry Street
Yorba Linda, California 92886

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New Technology Supercharges Workouts By Over 50%

  • Burns 50% + Calories, With Over 70% Muscle Activation;
  • Weighs Under 3 Lbs.;
  • Has the Functionality of Over 15 Products In One;
  • Can Be Used With Any Exercise Routine;
  • And Is 100% Mobile, It Can Go Wherever You Go!

Baton Rouge, LA, October 27, 2015 — /EPR SPORTS NEWS/ — Adrian Cornish and Nathan Roy have innovated a new technology built into wearable shorts that allow users to more than double the results of any exercise workouts, while providing a full body workout system for fitness enthusiasts as well as serious athletes.

Roy said, “Studies by the LSU School of Kinesiology have shown that users experience an average of 70% more muscular activity for muscle strength; 50% + more calories burned to shed unwanted pounds; increase in lactate threshold for increased endurance; and increased cardiovascular activity for heart health; all achieved with low level (5lbs – 25 lbs.) resistance.”

Michael James MacLellan, PhD, Assistant Professor at the Louisiana State University School of Kinesiology said, “Our preliminary research suggests that using this suit increases muscular activity at the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles during walking and running tasks. The added resistance may lead to more effective weight loss due to the increased muscle activity generated by the wearer.”

For busy people with limited time, they can cut their workouts in half, for example, getting the results of an hour in just 30 minutes. They can even wear them during normal activities.

The Apex BRS provides the functionality and comparable resistance of over 15 exercise products in one, including weighted vests, wrist weights, weighted clothing, parachutes, the Vertimax (platform based product), Mass Suit, etc. While other products target limited areas of the body, the Apex BRS provides a full body workout.

The Apex BRS are compression shorts made of a specially formulated nylon fabric that’s laminated with neoprene and reinforced with nylon webbing, giving it a tough yet pliable nature to support high levels of resistance without degrading, while being very comfortable to wear.

The compression shorts have built in attachment points at the legs and hips that act as strong anchors for several levels of resistance latex bands that attach to different areas of the body to target various muscle groups. Horizontal latex bands of interchangeable resistance strengths wrap around the thighs with resistance levels that can be adjusted from five to over 200 lbs on the legs. Optional bands wrap around the arms with resistance from five to 100 lbs.

The BRS doesn’t use any weights, instead creating resistance through the user’s natural motions. At under three pounds, the BRS has minimal hardware and is extremely comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. The combination of its light weight, the fact it’s wearable, with resistance levels surpassing the most sophisticated equipment on the market, along with the ability to use it anywhere, for any length of time, raises the bar for resistance training. It’s a tool not just for athletes, but for people of all ages and fitness levels. With the improvements users gain in speed, agility, explosion, and endurance. It’s easy to see why users feel like they’re the bionic man or woman after training with the BRS.

Tommy Moffitt, LSU head strength and conditioning coach passionately endorses the BRS, and has given his blessing in a testimonial that is on Apex’s website.

Adrian and Nathan have launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise $20,000 in support for their company. Backers can pledge from $18 to $5,000 for incentives that include special early bird discounts on the BRS for under $100.

To find out more about the Apex BRS, follow their updates and support their campaign, visit the Kickstarter page through November 19. or visit their website, The Bionic Resistance Shorts (BRS) suggested retail is $159.99.
About Apex Conditioning and Resistance
Baton Rouge-based Apex Resistance and Conditioning LLC is a fitness apparel company that’s leading the way with an innovative approach to strength and conditioning with their flagship product the Bionic Resistance Shorts (BRS). The inventor Adrian Cornish is a former standout track and field athlete and a biology premed graduate. He is considered an expert in the field of resistance conditioning. Co-founders Adrian Cornish and Nathan Roy are available for phone interviews or live interviews in the Baton Rouge area. For additional articles or more information, visit

Adrian Cornish
Apex Resistance and Conditioning LLC

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Fit By M™ Bringing Sexy Confidence To Your Work Outs

Los Angeles, CA, July 08, 2015 — /EPR SPORTS NEWS/ — When you hear words like sexy fitness wear you may wonder how one can be sexy, working out, and comfortable in clothing at the gym. Celebrity stylist and designer Sarah Wallner has answered this question with her sexy women’s fitness apparel line Fit By M™. “The gym and work out training facilities have become America’s new social environment. In this environment females want to feel sexy, confident, and empowered” says Wallner. She was inspired to create Fit By M™ to support female confidence, performance, and physical fitness in the work out arena.

In a recent study 80 percent of Americans do not get enough daily exercise. “Fit By M™ was created as a tool in helping women feel better about their bodies while increasing daily activities” says Wallner. Some of Wallner’s biggest credits include magazine covers for Flex Magazine, Playboy Magazine, Fitness Rx Magazine, Oxygen Magazine and her designs and stylings have been seen on celebrities like Paris Hilton, Melanie Iglesias, Jessica Burciaga, Joanna Krupa, Shauna Sand-Lamas, Monica Brant, Kendra Wilkinson, Brooke Burke and many others.

Fit by M™ is already being accredited as the new trend in female fitness wear. The stretch flattering material and trendy colors are sure to be a national sensation making females all over the world feel better about being active. Wallner also believes fitness isn’t just for the “already” sexy. “I want this line to be available to women of different shapes and sizes.” Wallner herself went through a fitness transformation and wants to inspire girls who aren’t just a size four. “Feeling confident in my gym work out apparel made me motivated to work harder towards my own fitness goals”.

The Fit By M sexy women’s fitness line will be launched July 2015 at and

Sarah Wallner

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Reveille: the body Power and Regeneration Booster

Vienna, Austria, May 06, 2015 — /EPR SPORTS NEWS/ — A new mobile sports device called Reveille: the body power and regeneration booster has been created to release muscle soreness along with sports injury pain. The product has been designed for people needing to lose weight or force their bodies to move as well as professional sportsmen needing to relax their muscles. The creators of Reveille claim that the well-being market has never seen such a simple, light-weight mobile product before. The product combines both magnetic field and far-infrared technology and is designed for everyday use too. Reveille as a innovative sport device can do a lot of things for you such as warming up your muscles, waking up your body, relaxing your mind and calming down your heart in only 40 minutes and without any effort.

Reveille uses 4 functionality programs to help you achieve your wellness goals while training, watching TV or working. Reveille will reduce both stress and pain by working on your body from the inside out. However, Reveille will not make you lose weight or become healthier as this is your task. Reveille will only help you achieve these goals in an easier, more comfortable way. Reveille will relax your body and warm up you right away.

A technology called pulse electromagnetic field (the earth magnetism) is used to reduce pain. In addition to this, the technology will help the body get more energy to alleviate and address discomfort. A type of radiation called far infra-red, similar to sun light, is also used in this product.

Reveille will help you fight soreness and laziness right away. Reveille’s target market is people willing to fight at maximum to achieve their dreams. Reveille is a French word meaning rising or waking up, and this product will wake up your cells and muscles in no time Reveille is also a product family divided into 6 different categories, and each category is in connection with the part it intends to relieve.

theSkylark Europe is based in Vienna, Hong Kong and Copenhagen. The firm is active in the field of consumer product development/design and manufacturing for over 10 years. The firm created the Reveille product line to invent and realize their very own products. You can get in touch with them via the Indiegogo’s campaign

for more info please check


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Splash And Relax Take To The Snowboard

Splash and Relax have taken great care to get ready for the winter leisure season and have a great range of options ready for sale for the snow season which is just showing signs of starting in the south of the country and has already started in the far north of the UK. The USA has already had some large snowfalls this year and so often the weather then tracks for the east coast of the USA and heads for the UK so it is time to be prepared.

Splash and Relax have a myriad of sledges for the season and have increased their stocks this year both in quantity and variety. However Splash and Relax have also a number of items which are on the edge of extreme sledging and the snowboard certainly comes into that range. Splash and Relax have increased the number and range of the Snowboards that they supply and there are some excellent models available at very reasonable costs.

One of the best of the models stocked by Splash and Relax is the Snow Board Red Bear which is a mean looking board some 130 cm long made of an excellent foam construction at a price that is very good. The board has a challenging red design on the surface, which will appeal to the adventurous child and has an excellent performance on the small or the larger hills. The two foot fixings are easy to manage and tighten up ready for a good run. The total weight of the Snow Board is small at 2.5 kg and this allows the user an easy carry back to the lift system or on the trek back home after a day’s boarding. This is the logical next step as the sledging bug gets more commonplace and the adventurous youth seeks different but exciting ways of travelling on the snow.

Splash and Relax have a very strong safety attitude and for this reason they recommend that the user uses a good safety hard snow helmet and also a good pair of gloves. That will allow the rider to be prepared for the odd tumble and come away with the odd bruise but generally in a good condition. The gloves also serve as a welcome protection from the cold snowy days as well as protection in a fall.

Splash and Relax have a range of Snow Boards, which will help the different styles of the riders. Besides the Snow Board Red Bear, Splash and Relax also stock a great “Boogie” Board with a limited 95 cm length which limits the speed a little but allows superb control and is a great snow board when the track gets a few turns which can provoke a challenge to the average boarder. This board like its longer partner the Red Bear Snow Board gives a very comfortable ride.

Splash and Relax note that whatever the option that is required they will do their very best to supply a good quality board to fit the adventurous attitude of its young rider.

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Train Hard Or Die

Exercising It isn’t just about doing a few jumping jacks or push ups, lifting a weight a few times and calling it a day. It’s about pushing your body to its limits to make yourself as fit as can be. That’s why this company is called “Train Hard Or Die”. It’s not just a slogan or humorous catchphrase. It’s a mindset where you give over 100% to train, willing to give all or nothing to get that perfect body many people desire and deserve. Train Hard Or Die will give them that body if they are willing to work for it with a tough, but effective muscle building program.

Train Hard Or Die offers a free workout programs and free workout routines, as well as a free workout book that will give really great information ranging from various exercise routines to all kinds of helpful hints and tips for staying healthy and in shape. It takes a LOT of work and will even hurt, but in the long run it’ll be truly worth it.

The Train Hard or Die program is one the best exercise programs around, even if it is one of the most grueling. But it is sure to get you in excellent shape. With the right amount of exercise, you’ll be stronger, faster, be more durable, have more energy, a sharper mind, make you more attractive & keep you that way, and even have a better sexual performance. It can even help give you a sense of purpose as you prepare to take up a certain sport or event. Many athletes were lost and alone before exercising helped them find and prepare for their calling.

T.H.O.D also offers a line of gym clothes for you to work out in. Available in all sizes in different styles and colors, these fine men’s gym clothes and women’s workout clothes feature stylized and amusing T.H.O.D logos to grab people’s attention and help you stand out. These workout clothes will offer some comfort when you work out.

T.H.O.D promises some of the best results of any muscle building program, giving users a perfectly beautiful and healthy body if they can take a little pain to really gain it. Just go the company’s website for sports motivational videos to help show you how it’s done, pictures of fitness models to give you a glimpse of what someone can gain from the program, and put in to get a 12 week starter kit of free workout routines. Few exercise programs promise the wonderful results T.H.O.D does. Once you get started, you’re sure to love the results.

Offering some really great workouts, Train Hard or Die is sure to be the best exercise program you’ve ever tried. It also has some of the nicest men’s gym clothes and women’s workout clothes you’ll ever wear as well. The company may be new, but the people behind it really know their stuff.

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Blaxland FC Sign Team Spirit As Their 2013 Football Kit Supplier

Blaxland FC, based in Sydney’s football heartland (Nepean Region), have partnered with football apparel supplier Team Spirit for the 2013 season.

After a lengthy pitch process, Blaxland FC decided that Team Spirit had the best offering to cater for them in 2013.

“We have used multiple suppliers over the last few years and found that Team Spirit’s professionalism is head and shoulders above their competitors. We are excited to be partnering with Team Spirit and are looking forward seeing our club running around in theirfootball kit next season,” stated Blaxland FC President Keith Hand.

Blaxland FC gear steward Brad Blunt praised the quality of the gear stating that “the quality of Team Spirit’s soccer uniforms is extremely high. You can tell the difference in the production quality instantly”.

This partnership is the first of many that Team Spirit is set to make for the 2013 season.

About Team Spirit Australia
Proudly 100% Australian owned, Team Spirit specialise in supplying rugby and soccer garments and year 12 jerseys to grass roots clubs and schools across Australia, from the suburbs to the bush. We recognise the importance of attention-to-detail for every garment and supply a quality of product that is second to none. It’s no wonder so many customers are thrilled to have Team Spirit on their side.

About Blaxland FC
Blaxland FC ( is a football club with over 500 members located at the foot of the Blue Mountains in Sydney, Australia. Blaxland FC have a rich history in the Nepean District; they were established in 1969 and have been contesting and winning finals across all ages ever since.

Team Spirit Australia Successfully Launch Into Custom Soccer Kit Market

After 10 years of supplying rugby jerseys, Team Spirit Australia is proud to announce the successful launch of its custom soccer product range. Many soccer clubs from the Queensland border to Tasmania in the south, including Macleay Valley Rangers, Kempsey Saints, Macksville Spiders, Casino Cobras, Cobram Tigers, Wynyard Soccer and the Nimbin Headers have chosen to wear Team Spirit soccer uniforms for the 2012 season.

Team Spirit CEO James Lancaster advises, “The differences between rugby and soccer uniforms are marginal, with athletes from both sports requiring highly durable, lightweight, breathable uniforms. We’ve used the knowledge and experience we gained in the rugby market to deliver the appropriate products and service required for the soccer field.”

The soccer clubs could not be happier with the results. Matt Baker, President of the Kempsey Saints advises, “Our sponsors, players, families, coaches and committee rated the Team Spirit football kit as the best our teams have worn on to the playing field.”

Team Spirit’s dedication to excellence in service has also contributed to the successful entry into the soccer market. Their dedicated soccer teamwear managers offer a hands-on approach to account management; ensuring ordering is an easy, hassle free experience.

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Team Spirit Australia Announce Al Baxter As Their Rugby Ambassador

Team Spirit Australia is proud to announce that former Australian Wallaby Al Baxter will be joining their team for 2012. Baxter will take on the role as rugby ambassador; providing endorsement for the Team Spirit range of custom rugby uniforms and equipment.

When asked of his new role, Baxter said “It’s great to work with a brand that really understands rugby. Team Spirit custom rugby jerseys are built specifically to the requirements of the rugby player; they are tough, they fit well and provide enough stretch to keep you comfortable on the field.”

Team Spirit CEO James Lancaster couldn’t be happier with the appointment.

“Al Baxter has been a great servant to the game, representing North Sydney, the Waratah’s and the Wallabies throughout his career. He’s always been a tough but fair player and exhibits the sort of qualities that we feel fit well with the Team Spirit brand. We couldn’t think of anyone better to endorse our rugby uniforms, and we’re extremely happy to have him on board.”

While Team Spirit’s roots are in rugby, they also produce soccer uniforms and school leavers’ garments. Team Spirit has brought their school jersey site ( to sit under the same umbrella as their rugby and soccer offering.

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Swapping The Road For The Carpet!

Fair weather cyclists have been spear-heading the latest fitness craze of “stationary biking” in the privacy of their own homes.

High Street store Halfords has discovered a startling rise in sales of Turbo Trainers as more and more people discover the benefits of the clever device that turns an everydaybike into a fitness machine.

Cheaper than gym membership, far less intrusive than a cross-trainer, treadmill or conventional exercise bike; latest figures from the cycle, leisure and car parts retailer show sales of the machines more than doubled when the cold, wet, weather pushed all but the most committed cyclists indoors.

Asked where the preferred home for the turbo trainer was, 80 per cent said the garage, 10 per cent a spare room, 5 per cent the kitchen or dining room while 5 per cent admitted to using the main living room and exercised while watching TV.

Halfords cycle expert Justin Stevenson said: “It is no secret that the number of people cycling goes up as the weather gets warmer and down as it gets chillier, but the new generation of excellent cycle trainers, with great stability and different levels of magnetic resistance to mimic harder rides, have been keeping people occupied.

“In these uncertain economic times people are looking to get the best use possible out of the equipment they have and turbo trainers are a great way of ensuring you can keep your fitness levels up by cycling even when you don’t feel like going out in the cold and wet. An added bonus is that they take up little space when not in use.”

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Pendleton’s Designs On Cycle Success

World and Olympic Cycle Champion Victoria Pendleton has launched her own range of ladies cycles, exclusively available from Halfords.

The new range of three womens’ cycles encompasses Pendleton’s timeless grace and style. Available in 16” and 18” frames, every cycle features a lightweight ergonomically designed frame for maximum comfort and ease of riding.

• Somerby – The distinct blue and cream traditional step through frame is perfect for shopping trips priced £299.99. Complete the look with wicker basket priced£16.99.

• Brooke – Victoria’s favourite colour plum red features on the frame of this hybrid bike priced £299.99.

• Dalby – At £349.99, the sophisticated white hybrid bike features great gearing and mud guards.

Victoria Pendleton said: “Cycling can give so much pleasure whether you are training for Olympic gold, keeping fit or out riding with friends. I am delighted to have realised my dream of designing my own range and hope it will encourage more girls to get on their bikes too.

“Halfords proven success with Chris Boardman’s Performance Series was extremely appealing and makes them the best partner for me in this venture.

“With my input on design and a good idea of what makes a perfect women’s bike plus Halfords manufacturing and retailing expertise, I think we make a dream team!”

The Pendleton bikes range will be exclusively available from from 22nd March online, and in selected superstores nationwide from 29th March.

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Team Spirit Australia Launch New Soccer Product Line & Relaunch Website

Team Spirit Australia is using the launch of their new website to announce their entrance in to the custom made soccer and football team wear market. The website has undergone a significant upgrade including new designs across rugby, soccer and school verticals, a revamped ‘request a quote’ tool and social media integration.

Team Spirit have been supplying high-quality, custom rugby jerseys to Australian and international rugby clubs and schools for over eight years, and expect that this experience will be invaluable in their new venture.

“We have been making custom-made rugby gear for a long time now, and as you can imagine, it needs be extremely durable. We are taking all our know-how from rugby and leveraging it in our custom soccer jerseys to ensure our product is second-to-none”, said James Lancaster, Director at Team Spirit.

Team Spirit is also repositioning their partner site,, to sit under the Team Spirit umbrella. Team Spirit have been producing custom school jerseys under the Year12Jerseys brand for over eight years, and now feel it makes sense to integrate them.

“It makes sense to operate under the one brand in future. We can concentrate our resources in to the one brand and achieve a better outcome,” said Lancaster.

Team Spirit also have plans to introduce a “build your own” tool in January 2012, where clubs and schools will be able to design their own rugby, school and soccer garments and receive an automated quote with ease.

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Bleacher Creatures™ Launches New Line of NFL Character Toys

Do you have young football fans in your family? Now they can play with their favorite professional football players any time with the new line of National Football League Bleacher Creatures toys.

Officially licensed by NFL Properties LLC and NFL PLAYERS, the licensing and marketing arm of the NFL Players Association, each Bleacher Creature plush character is dressed in his team uniform.

“Now children can hang out with football stars such as Tony Romo, Adrian Peterson and Drew Brees whenever they want,” said Matthew Hoffman of Bleacher Creatures. “Our lineup of NFL player plush characters and hand puppets turn your favorite players into your kids’ favorite toys, encouraging fun, inspiration and play.”

“This is a great gift for kids,” Hoffman said. “It turns some of the superstars of the game into household favorites for young football fans.”

The initial line of Bleacher Creatures also features stars such as Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers, Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts and Troy Polamalu and Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“We are excited about the opportunity to connect the popularity of sports to the children’s toy market”, Hoffman said. “We look forward to creating more great football characters as well as popular players from other sports.”

Bleacher Creatures™ was founded by Matthew Hoffman, a sports licensing industry veteran who was formerly an executive with GSI Commerce and Majestic Athletic. When his young children turned out to be sports fans, Hoffman realized that there was an opportunity in the $20+ billion dollar US toy market to engage kids who love watching their favorite teams and players in action.

Hoffman created a line of cartoonish yet fully recognizable versions of today’s biggest sports stars so kids can connect to their favorite teams and players with imaginative play.

The new line of NFL Bleacher Creatures plush and puppets launches August 5th.

For more information about Bleacher Creatures, please check out their website at

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Kulae LLC. Launches a Eco-Friendly Yoga Product Wholesale Website

Kulae LLC. Announced today that its wholesale yoga product website has been officially launched. Kulae retailers have long awaited an easy way to order Kulae products in bulk. Teaming up with Mighty Merchant an Oregon based company Kulae was able to deliver the much needed new web portal.

“We are really excited about this new website, it gives our customers the ability to submit large discounted wholesale orders whenever they choose” said Brian Morgan, Online Marketing Manger of Kulae, LLC.

Kulae’s full catalog will be offered at, this will give Kulae customers the ability to buy wholesale yoga mats, yoga towels, and accessories online. They encourage all current yoga wholesalers to request an account in order to see their special pricing.

About Kulae:
At Kulae, we are on a twofold mission to provide the most stylish + eco-friendly yoga and fitness gear on the planet while truly living by our mantra “karma’s real.” Our TPE mats are 100% Biodegradable, 100% Recyclable, Ultra-Hygienic, PVC- and latex-free. All are allergen free! Check out our other eco-friendly yoga and fitness products at or call 781-561-7366.

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MascotFrenzy Launched To Show Pride In Team Mascots

Mascots are so much more than 6-foot-tall animals bounding along the sidelines of your favorite team’s game.

They are symbols of team pride that are worshipped by true fans, whether they are cheering from the stands or from the couch.

A new website, MascotFrenzy, understands the importance that mascots play in fans’ lives. MascotFrenzy specializes in a wide variety of team-licensed indoor and outdoor Mascot decor that will provide fans of professional and college teams with unique and useful decorative household items.

From statues to stuffed animals and ornaments to wall hooks, fans of many of NCAA, MLB and NFL teams will cherish these subtle, yet constant reminders of team pride. Whether you are looking to augment your own collection of team paraphernalia or seeking the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for sports enthusiast, MascotFrenzy is your one-stop-shop for mascot products.

MascotFrenzy is the newest online store from the founders of UltimateSportsDecor.comand, which were founded by passionate sports fans intent on providing others with unique, licensed team spirit gear.

For more information about MascotFrenzy or for a full list of available products, please visit or call 1-847-946-4608.

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JD Sports To Put On Exclusive N-Dubz Gig For Customers

JD Sports have teamed up with adidas Originals and are giving their customers the chance to attend an exclusive N-Dubz gig at the Matter nightclub, situated inside the O2 arena in London.

JD Sports To Put On Exclusive N-Dubz Gig For Customers

N-Dubz first came to prominence on the music scene in 2007 when they claimed the prestigious Best UK Newcomer award at the MOBOs. Off the back of this recognition they were vaulted to the forefront of the British music scene and went platinum in 2008 with their debut album, Uncle B. Since then they’ve gone on to win two more MOBO awards and firmly establish their place on the musical map.

JD has long been associated with N-Dubz, with the group often seen wearing clothing and trainers from the exclusive JD adidas Originals collection.

Tickets for the gig will only be available to JD customers and there will only be 700 pairs of tickets available for the gig, giving fans the chance to see the trio up close and personal. As well as the 700 pairs of tickets, JD will also be giving away 10 pairs of special VIP passes. These VIP passes will allow the winners the chance to go backstage and hang with Dappy, Fazer and Tulisa.

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JD Sports Starts Shipping Internationally

Leading British sports fashion retailer JD Sports has now added an international shipping option to its delivery portfolio, widening their potential customer base. Previously delivery had been restricted to the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man.

JD Sports stocks exclusive brands such as McKenzie, Carbrini and Brookhaven as well as exclusive products that the retailer acquires from huge brands such as adidas Originals and Nike. All of these were previously available to those in a small area, but are now available to the global e-commerce community.

Now shipping to more than 40 destinations with competitive postage rates, JD sports can now offer their premium sports fashion goods to customers throughout the world for the first time in the retailer’s 28 year history. With more and more new products exclusive to JD arriving daily, customers previously unable to access these items will now have the opportunity to do so, further strengthening JD’s position in the UK and the Republic of Ireland and firmly establishing the ever-growing retailer on the global fashion map.

JD Sports has also announced shipping details for Christmas gifts. To ensure deliveries arrive before Christmas Day, UK residents must place their order by 21 December while international customers must order their desired presents by 10 December. Any items bought from the JD Sports website in November or December can be returned or swapped for a different size up until 31 January.

About JD Sports:
JD Sports Fashion Plc is the leading UK specialised multiple retailer of fashionable branded and own brand casual and sports wear. The company operates over 350 stores through the UK.

JD Sports was founded in 1981 with one shop in Bury. It expanded into the Arndale Centre in Manchester in 1983 and consolidated its position throughout the 1980s with further openings, largely in the North and Midlands. The first London store was opened in Oxford Street in 1989 and by the time of JD Sports’ stock market flotation in 1996 there were 56 stores.

The business continued to grow organically until 2002 and then grew further with the acquisition of more than 200 stores, further consolidating its position as the leading UK retailer of fashionable sports and casual wear.

As well as offering customers leading brands such as NikeAdidas originals, Lacoste, Converse and K-Swiss, JD Sports also stocks its own label brands.

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Georgia Tech Gnomes Now Available

Gnome Frenzy is pleased to announce the addition of the Georgia Institute of Technology to its line of popular Garden Gnomes and sports-related products.

Dressed in gold and white and bearing the school’s logo, the Georgia Tech Gnome is a must-have for any Yellow Jacket student, alumnus or fan. Stationed in your garden, office or dorm, this Gnome will leave no question as to its owner’s favorite school.

At 11-1/4 inches tall, the GT Gnome is made of a durable resin and will bring joy to all who encounter it. The Georgia Tech Gnome has been added to Gnome Frenzy’s collection based on popular demand. Released in Sept. 2009, it joins’s family of more than 60 other licensed university Gnomes.

“Our business is dedicated to providing unique ways for devoted sports fans to show off their pride and loyalty,” said Andrew Nadler, co-founder of Forward Momentum LLC. Forward Momentum owns and operates sports-related Web sites and

Established in 2008, Grayslake, IL-based Gnome Frenzy was founded by passionate sports fans.

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Gnome Frenzy Adds University Of Central Florida To Its Line Of Popular Garden Gnomes And Sports-Related Products

Gnome Frenzy is pleased to announce the addition of the University of Central Florida to its line of popular Garden Gnomes and sports-related products.

Dressed in gold and black and bearing the school’s logo, the Central Florida Gnome is a must-have for any student, alumnus or fan. Stationed in your garden, office or dorm, this Knightly Gnome will leave no question as to its owner’s favorite school.

At 11-1/4 inches tall, the UCF Gnome is made of a durable resin and will bring joy to all who encounter it. The University of Central Florida Gnome has been added to Gnome Frenzy’s collection based on popular demand. Released in Sept. 2009, it joins’s family of more than 60 other licensed university Gnomes.

“Our business is dedicated to providing unique ways for devoted sports fans to show off their pride and loyalty,” said Andrew Nadler, co-founder of Forward Momentum LLC. Forward Momentum owns and operates sports-related Web sites and

Established in 2008, Grayslake, IL-based Gnome Frenzy was founded by passionate sports fans.

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JD Sports Launches Ian Brown Competition

JD Sports has launched a competition that offers entrants the chance to win one of ten pairs of JD exclusive adidas Originals ZX750s signed by, former lead singer of The Stone Roses, Ian Brown. Competition entrants also have the chance to win one of ten copies of Brown’s sixth solo album, ‘My Way’, which was released 21 September 2009.

The cover of Brown’s latest album has a picture of the singer wearing a pair of JD exclusive adidas Originals ZX750s, so fans who already have the album will be familiar with the trainers.

Matt Webster, online marketing manager for JD Sports, said: “Music has always been close to our heart at JD and adidas Originals have been giving us some of the freshest trainers and clothing for decades, so we’re really pleased to hook up on this exclusive competition to help celebrate Ian Brown’s new album launching. Plus as the King of Trainers, it was fitting that Ian wears some JD exclusive adidas Originals ZX750s on the album cover.”

To enter the competition, entrants need to register with the JD Sports website and then answer one simple question about Ian Brown. The competition closes 31 October 2009.

The JD Sports website is also currently running a competition (closes 30 October 2009) giving 6-18 year olds the chance to train with the Manchester United soccer school.

About JD Sports:
JD Sports Fashion Plc is the leading UK specialised multiple retailer of fashionable branded and own brand sports and casual wear. The company operates over 350 stores through the UK.

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